Maine: Unfit Guardian


Commentary: State of Maine is an unfit guardian for intellectually disabled adults Attorneys Gerald Petruccelli and Bruce McGlauflin authored a [...]

Maine: Unfit Guardian2022-04-21T20:22:39+00:00

PMH 2020 Tier 1 Ranking


Best Lawyers in America, a widely recognized and respected peer-review publication within the legal community, has ranked Petruccelli, Martin & [...]

PMH 2020 Tier 1 Ranking2022-04-21T20:19:40+00:00

PMH Earns 2019 NESL


Petruccelli, Michael K. Martin, and James B. Haddow of Petruccelli, Martin & Haddow, LLC have been selected by their peers [...]

PMH Earns 2019 NESL2022-04-21T20:17:37+00:00
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