Maine Supreme Judicial Court

Portland Reg’l Chamber of Commerce v. City of Portland, 2021 ME 34, ___A.3d___ (interpretation of voter-initiated legislation establishing minimum wage)

Bank of N.Y. Mellon v. Shone, 2020 ME 122, 239 A.3d 671 (admissibility of business records in residential mortgage foreclosure)

Avangrid Networks, Inc. v. Sec’y of State, 2020 ME 109, 237 A.3d 882 (constitutional requirements for citizen initiative)

Reed v. Sec’y of State, 2020 ME 57, 232 A.3d 202 (effect of notary conflicts of interest on validity of citizen initiative)

AG v. Sanford, 2020 ME 19, 225 A.3d 1026 (charitable trusts)

Almeder v. Town of Kennebunkport, 2019 ME 151, 217 A.3d 1111 (municipal ownership of beach)

Canney v. Strathglass Holdings, 2017 ME 64 (vicarious liability, scope of employment for on-call employee)

Carignan v. Dumas, 2017 ME 15 (paper streets act, abandonment of easements)

Sullivan v. St. Joseph’s Rehab. & Residence, 2016 ME 107 (retaliatory termination of employment, whistleblower protection)

Estate of Summers v. Nisbet, 2016 ME 88 (pre-judgment attachment)

Taylor v. PUC, 2016 ME 71 (private commercial contract rights in municipal water supply)

Friedman v. PUC, 2016 ME 19 (smart electric meter regulation)

Bank of Am., N.A. v. Greenleaf, 2015 ME 127 (residential mortgage foreclosure)

Tucker v Lilley, 2015 ME 36 (Contracts for Professional Services, Consolidation)

Remmel v. City of Portland, 2014 ME 114 (Conditional Zoning, Municipal Comprehensive Plan)

Picher v. The Roman Catholic Bishop of Portland, 2013 ME 99 (Insufficiency of Evidence to Support Claim of Fraudulent Concealment)

Harris v. Woodlands Club, 2012 ME 117 (Common Law Trespass for Discharge of Surface Water)

Barr v. Dyke, 2012 ME 108 (Enforceability of Contractual Disclaimer of Reliance)

Friedman v. Public Utilities Commission, 2012 ME 90 (Regulatory Approval of Smart Meter Technology)

Britton v. Donnell, 2011 ME 16, 12 A.3d 39 (Riparian Rights; Wharves and Weirs Act; Submerged and Intertidal Lands Act)

Mortgage Elec. Registration Sys., Inc. v. Saunders, 2010 ME 79, 2 A.3d 289 (Standing to Bring Foreclosure)

State v. Medeiros, 2010 ME 47, 997 A.2d 95 (Leaving the Scene of an Accident)

State Farm Mut. Auto Ins. Co. v. Koshy, 2010 ME 44, 995 A.2d 651

Picher v. The Roman Catholic Bishop of Portland, 2009 ME 67, 974 A.2d 286 (Charitable Immunity)

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McGee v. Sec’y of State,  2006 ME 50, 896 A.2d 933 (Referendum Petition)